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Waterloo Foodbanquet

I know that Events Marketing guru, contributor to The DatebooK and a friend of mine, Peter Kerwood, was in the past a chef who had featured on TV but I’d never actually sampled his food. So when he invited me to a charity dinner he was cooking for, there was no way I could not attend. Leading a team of volunteer Chefs, Peter created an Italian inspired menu from food items usually found in Waterloo Foodbank donations supplemented by fresh produce grown at Oasis Farm Waterloo. Pretty impressive! Read more

I am a Dinosaur

In the fun fast paced events industry our main adrenalin buzz comes from being swept along with the tide from one exciting event to the next. How often do we allow the time to step back and view the industry from afar and as a whole?

A good analogy is to think of looking at London from an aeroplane window as opposed to working in an office in the city. There is always a bigger picture and it is always the bigger picture that is actually the driver of the industry’s overall development. Read more

An Urban Farm in the Heart of The Action

If you’re looking for something completely different for your next event, you’ve got to check out Oasis Farm Waterloo. This urban farm is right in the heart of the capital, in London Waterloo. What once was a strip of wasteland has been transformed into a flourishing community resource and a haven for nature, as well as an event space

The farm works in partnership with Oasis Hub Waterloo and Jamie’s Farm, offering a ‘Farming, Family and Therapy’ programme that re-engages disadvantaged people with academic life so that they will be able to go on to fulfil their potential, both academically and in wider society. Read more

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The DateBooK is the essential diary for organisers of prestigious special events.
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